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Music Forever

Music Forever

Music is with us all the time

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Music is with us all the time and in every step of our lives from the very first moment when we were born and in some cases, even further back. But what is that thing that to us makes a music piece memorable or hateful? Is it an over-the-edge music video clip? One thing is for certain, for the most part, our choices for memorable or unforgettable songs have little to nothing to do with the single charts lists.


The magic that music has is inside our hearts and our minds. The right musical piece at the right moment and we believe that those lyrics were written for us and precisely for what we are living at that moment; not a single minute or second before or after that. There are those who believe that the grandness of a musical piece relies solely in the commercial aspect and on how much the record company has invested into making a song a hit; but to some others it’s the uniqueness of the lyrics writer to tune to a universal feeling and a specific moment that is shared by most of the world: Like Queen and the Bohemian Rhapsody, still played to this day as a hymn for many and blues for many more.


A single song that has become a social music: A piece played in parties and other joyful celebrations, that is shared in the bus or in the restaurant or cafeteria and that hold so many followers in itself without regard to whether they are Queens’ or generals‘ fans or not. This is what the sound of music is. It’s some kind of magic.


Ageless songs

These songs have lived out through the years and keep just as fresh as when they were first released. But there is also the kind of music magic that goes beyond borders and that transcends all language barriers without the need of a music video to assist in the understanding of the meaning of the song: Classical music and Mariachi songs and even turntable (thought I don’t like it much can become that way as well). Cielito Lindo, La Cucaracha and El Rey have been sung all over the world in different occasions, even funerals!


In other cases, the sound of the music transcends the borders but it needs some assistance to be fully understood and accepted, this is when the music video enters in place and steals the spotlight. Tarkans’ song: Simarik would have missed a lot if the video did not show us the shy and timid guy running away from all those brides to be just to land next to a baby-girl bride to be who smiles in triumph when he tenderly kisses her and all of the sudden we understand that the song deals with the power that women have and that poor men have simply no chance of winning.


one drum

But the best thing of the magic of music is the transportation that provides us to a different world and a different place where we can relive our love affairs, our childhood and build a fantastic world entirely of our own, like Sir Elton John says: “Sad songs say so much”; indeed it’s some kind of magic.


Characters of best traders

Characters of best traders

What are the main characteristics of the best forex traders?

When I first started trading currencies, I spent a lot of time in forex forums and forex chat rooms. I spent 80% of my forex trading resources looking for that perfect forex system that would make me money every day, every trade and forever. It was easy to be side tracked with the latest and greatest forex systems out there. Every day a new system would be introduced in the forex forums such as and a few other good ones. Before I knew it, I was spending more time chatting in forex forums than actually trading the forex market.

It did not take long for the fruits of my labor to be realized with my trading account being reduced to zero. Talking to some better forex traders than I, I came to the following conclusions to the reason why some forex traders are better than others.

  1. Good Forex Traders are Properly Capitalized.
    A forex trader with an account size of $1000 trading full lots or even mini lots is on track to losing his forex trading capital. A lot of forex brokers entice new forex traders with low account opening requirements. Their literature is full of traders who made 1 million dollars trading the forex market. The only information they do not give is that out of their 1000 clients only 1 of them made that 1 million dollars, the rest were so undercapitalized they lost their accounts and had to add more money.
  2. Good Forex Traders Treat Forex Trading as a Business
    Reading forex charts can be addictive. Before long the forex trader finds himself trying to read those beautiful charts and making forex systems, they forget that forex trading is not a hobby. A good forex trader has set up his trading as a business like any other. Tracking your profits and loses as well as your tax requirements is essential for the forex trader. Keeping proper records of your business is essential. Otherwise, you are just gambling. Actually some gamblers do take gambling like a business, so why don’t forex traders do the same.
  3. Good Forex Traders Trade When There is An Opportunity
    I feel sad when I look at my earlier accounts and see that 80% of my loses occurred after I had decided to enter the market when my trading plan did not require me to. Intuition is not a very good attribute for forex traders with a trading plan. Chasing the market is the biggest crime a forex trader can make but it happens to be the most common problem with traders of all levels. Wait patiently for you trading opportunity and only trade then.
  4. Good Forex Traders Hate Risk
    used to believe that forex trading is a risky undertaking until; I discovered that when I stopped risking trades, I made more money. A proper trading methodology is meant to reduce the forex trader’s risk to tolerable levels. It is not wise to risk trades for the sake of tithe first few months of a traders life should be spent on trying to reduce their trading risk to levels where they can consistently make profits and predict the outcomes of their trades. If you have a trading plan that tells you all the possible outcomes of your trades, then you are on the way to becoming a risk free forex trader.

Of course there are other attributes that great forex traders have but these were the ones I worked on for some time. I am still working on them and the beauty of forex trading is that you can only get better the more you practice the proper methods of forex trading.


Gluten Chicken Pickle

Gluten Chicken Pickle


gluten free food word cloud on a vintage slate blackboard isolated on white

Shoprite’s Shop-at-Home is my best friend when it comes to food shopping. I sat down at the computer last night with my refrigerator list and mental list of all the things we needed. I can also sit down with my coupon pile and go through things. This routine has become a game to me. Just like chess I think if my next move and put coupons in piles according to use and save for later. My Shoprite doubles coupons under $.99. Many coupons I have doubled up with sales and result in almost free items.


So you may be asking how shopping from my computer and at a higher end food store is frugal? It is an easy explanation really. One I am not food shopping with my husband or sending him, sending him food shopping results in minimal amount of items for a huge price. He shops via his stomach, hungry or not. When I shop at home I don’t have to take children to the food store. This also prevents impulse buys, store melt-downs, and my own headaches. (A headache for me at the food store turns into loss of patients and forgetting items.) I also while shopping on the computer I have complete control on the dollar amount I am willing to spend. It is a lot less embarrassing deleting items from the shopping cart online than in line if you’ve gone over by accident.


I have always had a target of $80 – $100 each week. On the weeks I call “Paper Week” I may go up to $140. Paper weeks include cat litter, paper towels, toilette paper, and/or laundry detergent. I’ve shopped at many different stores to keep to my budget. One of the best places to go was Aldi’s. Unfortunately we’re unable to do that anymore.


It has been a year since KB and the girl child have been gluten free (also at or celiac. It has changed the dynamics of our shopping 150%. In the first months of shopping gluten free I thought we were going to be broke forever. It is amazing how much stuff has gluten in it. I’ve had to change everything from instant hot chocolate, instant pudding, and soup stock. Our goal of going at least 80% organic has been followed up with having a gluten free house. (Except my occasional raisin bread.)


Here is my list:



  • Southern Homestyle Tortilla Crumbs (GF) 12 oz.
  • ShopRite Corn Tortillas 30 ct
  • Enriched Bread – Round Top Wheat No preservatives 22 oz.
  • Mountain Dew Soda 2 Liter
  • Pepsi Cola 2 Liter
  • Tropicana Pure Premium Juice
  • Ortega Salsa – Garden Style Mild 16 oz.
  • Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce – Traditional No starch (AKA GF) 23.5 oz.
  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter 18 oz. 2 jars
  • Dairy Dannon Light & Fit
  • ShopRite Butter 2
  • ShopRite Eggs – Large 18 count $1.69 $
  • ShopRite Natural Mozzarella Cheese 12 oz.
  • ShopRite Ricotta Cheese Whole Milk 32 oz.
  • Deli ShopRite American Cheese White 1.00 lb
  • Frozen Turkey Hill Ice Cream 1.75 quart 2
  • Meat & Seafood Beef Bottom Round Roast
  • Fresh Pork Loin Chops 3.0 lb
  • Perdue Oven Stuffers Weight 6.00 lb
  • ShopRite Turkey – total 4 lbs
  • Tender Choice Whole pork loin boneless
  • Fresh Fillet of Haddock
  • ShopRite Brown Rice 2 32 oz.
  • Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta (GF) 3 packages @ $1.99
  • Bananas 1 lb
  • Dole Salad Blends 2 16 oz.
  • Grapefruit Ruby Red – Florida 5 Lb Bag 5 lb
  • Green / White Grapes
  • ShopRite Yellow Onions 3 lb Bag


I saved $30.58 in coupons and sales


My grand total was $116.30

I did really well. There were a few things I would not normally buy like the soda. I got 4 2 liter bottles for $2.98. We don’t often drink it but at that price it was a deal. Tropicana was on sale and I had a $1 off coupon. The kids will love me for it. I had to replace our peanut butter due to the salmonella scare. I didn’t realize I had ricotta in the fridge so I have to figure out how to use two of them. I also have a ton of onions. I wonder if I can talk Kyle into trying to make some onion soup.

Ancient and older hunting methods

Ancient and older hunting methods

Having fun with your family and friends is easy when hunting or fishing out there. But you need to get the right tools so you can get the job done. An arrowhead can become your best friend in the world of fishing or hunting, and we will let you know more about this here.


4×5 original

What is an Arrowhead?
An arrowhead is just a tip that you just add to an arrow so you can make the item deadlier or just fulfill any kind of special purpose over time. Organic materials were used to make the earliest arrowheads, but humans also used other materials as they developed civilization over time. These items are also a subclass of what is known as projectile points. We will also throw in some tips when it comes to hunting for them, and where to look for arrowheads as well. There are many enthusiasts out there producing millions of arrow points and brand-new spear each and every year.

Types of Arrow Points

Field and Bullet Target Points
These types of arrowheads are designed just to be shot right into foam targets, bag targets, or any grass-type targets. A hunter might use these types of arrowheads so he or she can match them to a big game broad head’s weight during hunting season. You can also minimize any sort of bow sight adjustment right before hunting when you practice with any weight-matched target point out there.
JUDO Points
if you want to do some field practice, JUDO points will do the trick. You will use these kinds of arrowheads when wandering under any simulated hunting condition out there. Sticks, stumps, and leaves are some of the targets that you can use with JUDO points out there. You can also use some protruding wire springs right on the arrow point so you can prevent aby arrow from disappearing just when you have to shot into any ground cover out there. This type of arrowhead just weighs the same as any big game broad head.
Blunt Points
you can use blunt points to hunt small game animals like squirrels, grouse, and rabbits. These types of arrowheads are not pointed but flat and made just from steel, plastic, or rubber. They also just kill by shock.
Bow fishing Points
Bow fishing points are designed to penetrate any hard scale of gar, carp, or any other rough fish. They also have a strong barb that you can use to retrieve a fish in no time, but sometimes these arrowheads have retractable barbs that allow you to remove a fish from the item quickly and easily. These items are truly simple, and you will manage to use them in no time too. Remember also that you can get by with the budget-priced, basic points that are sold out there. They also work great on any shallow-water carp just over pea gravel bottoms or mud.
A Spear head is an outstanding tool that you can use to increase the deadly power of any arrow out there. This is important when you want to get the most out of any hunting experience out there. Now that you know more about the different types of arrowheads out there you can use a great guide we found to buying different types of arrowheads and put it to good use! You can now take bold action and get the most out of hunting or fishing experience over time.


If you appreciated and or liked this info you can find out more about it at our sponsor over at They have many different articles and tips regarding finding the spears as well as what to look for when buying them.

This site will be up in the blink of an eye

This site will be up in the blink of an eye

For those who know me, I must apologize, I have been talking about getting this site up for weeks now. And you know what? I’m finally going to get it up and running. It took a while longer than I expected, but it’s going to happen. I really can’t talk about why the site was delayed, but that’s all over and behind me now, so know I can focus on the important things and get it done. I really do hate procrastinating, so please look for some new posts from me in the VERY near future about what this site entails and what it will be all about!