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Music Forever

Music Forever

Music is with us all the time

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Music is with us all the time and in every step of our lives from the very first moment when we were born and in some cases, even further back. But what is that thing that to us makes a music piece memorable or hateful? Is it an over-the-edge music video clip? One thing is for certain, for the most part, our choices for memorable or unforgettable songs have little to nothing to do with the single charts lists.


The magic that music has is inside our hearts and our minds. The right musical piece at the right moment and we believe that those lyrics were written for us and precisely for what we are living at that moment; not a single minute or second before or after that. There are those who believe that the grandness of a musical piece relies solely in the commercial aspect and on how much the record company has invested into making a song a hit; but to some others it’s the uniqueness of the lyrics writer to tune to a universal feeling and a specific moment that is shared by most of the world: Like Queen and the Bohemian Rhapsody, still played to this day as a hymn for many and blues for many more.


A single song that has become a social music: A piece played in parties and other joyful celebrations, that is shared in the bus or in the restaurant or cafeteria and that hold so many followers in itself without regard to whether they are Queens’ or generals‘ fans or not. This is what the sound of music is. It’s some kind of magic.


Ageless songs

These songs have lived out through the years and keep just as fresh as when they were first released. But there is also the kind of music magic that goes beyond borders and that transcends all language barriers without the need of a music video to assist in the understanding of the meaning of the song: Classical music and Mariachi songs and even turntable (thought I don’t like it much can become that way as well). Cielito Lindo, La Cucaracha and El Rey have been sung all over the world in different occasions, even funerals!


In other cases, the sound of the music transcends the borders but it needs some assistance to be fully understood and accepted, this is when the music video enters in place and steals the spotlight. Tarkans’ song: Simarik would have missed a lot if the video did not show us the shy and timid guy running away from all those brides to be just to land next to a baby-girl bride to be who smiles in triumph when he tenderly kisses her and all of the sudden we understand that the song deals with the power that women have and that poor men have simply no chance of winning.


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But the best thing of the magic of music is the transportation that provides us to a different world and a different place where we can relive our love affairs, our childhood and build a fantastic world entirely of our own, like Sir Elton John says: “Sad songs say so much”; indeed it’s some kind of magic.